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Franck Boclet Angie

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“Angie” is a fragrance created by the French perfumer Franck Boclet. This perfume is a part of Boclet’s fragrance collection, which features a range of unique scents known for their bold and distinctive profiles.

KSh 28,500.00

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Franck Boclet is known for creating fragrances that often push boundaries and offer a modern twist on classic scent compositions.

Boclet’s perfumes are typically characterized by their creativity, quality ingredients, and attention to detail. If “Angie” is consistent with Boclet’s other creations, it may feature a blend of intriguing notes that evoke a particular mood or atmosphere.



Top Notes

Fig Nectar and Fig Leaf

Middle Notes

Sandalwood, Hawthorn, Floral Notes and Virginia Cedar

Base Notes

Vanilla, Musk and Amber