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Chabaud Lait et Chocolat

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“Lait et Chocolat” is a fragrance created by the French perfume house Chabaud. The name translates to “Milk and Chocolate” in English, which suggests a rich and indulgent scent profile.

KSh 17,500.00

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Product Description

Chabaud is known for its luxurious and high-quality perfumes, often blending traditional French perfumery techniques with modern sensibilities. Without specific details about the scent notes in “Lait et Chocolat,” one can imagine it to be warm, comforting, and possibly gourmand, with the creamy sweetness of milk combined with the richness of chocolate.


Chabaud’s fragrances are often sought after by those who appreciate fine perfumery and unique scent compositions. If you’re interested in exploring this fragrance further, I would recommend sampling it to experience its olfactory profile firsthand.

Top Notes

dark chocolate and jasmine

Middle Notes

teakwood and cedar

Base Notes

chocolate, vanilla, milk and musk.

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